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Hi! I’m Anshuman. I consider myself a full-stack data science leader, machine learning system engineer, deep learning researcher, wild-eyed hacker, quant trader, and entrepreneur, roughly in that order.

A little bit more about me #

Current Interests - Deep Learning Theory #

I am currently involved in developing novel techniques to make large neural networks, especially language models (eg BERT and friends):

  • faster at inference time
  • faster to train
  • smaller in size

while making excellent accuracy-speed/size tradeoffs and reducing ML model running costs in real-world settings. How do I do this? By focusing on exploiting neural network training and inference dynamics, and combining algorithmic speedup techniques from multiple research areas (linear algebra, optimization, compact data structures, randomized algorithms, etc) with classic model optimization (matrix factorizations, knowledge distillation, magnitude pruning, etc).

What can I say? I like reading research papers.

Startups #

I have started and failed to grow 3 tech companies so far; perhaps the fourth time’s the charm. (Insert appropriate Jedi mind trick for funding here.) I have learnt a lot about coming up with ideas and validating them, then matching them with business models, and shaping products and offerings (perhaps even in the absence of a pandemic).

Trading #

My trading past includes a fairly sordid time trading FX forwards and swaps at an infamous bulge-bracket investment bank in NYC, as well as some exciting times trading equity index derivatives during the Great Financial Crisis. In fact, the Financial Times wrote a pretty cool article1 about my life as a prop trader.

Education #

I have a BTech and MTech in CS from IIT Kharagpur, and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill.

Working with me #

I love solving problems, and I love doing so for startups (or startup teams in large orgs)!

If you have an interesting problem (time series modeling? anomaly detection? model speedups? accuracy boosts? setting up a data science/applied ML group?) that you’d like me to take a look at, or if you just want to buy me coffee (I live in SF), feel free to hmu on LinkedIn or email.

  1. Sigh. Here’s an Archive link↩︎